domingo, março 04, 2018

Hottie Legends

by Miss Balogh

"To be selected as a Hotties Legend is an honor reserved for those members who have a rich history in the SL Adult world, who have a well known name, presence in this community and have made their mark on the Hotties group through participation and achievements over time"

Hello dears,

Fuck ... Now I'm a Hottie Legend!
People think that the life of porn actress in SL is easy. My relationship with this world is a lot of dedication. And after a long time I'm harvesting everything I planted.

by Ali Lancrae

This time the recognition came from the famous group "HOOBS HOTTIES". And knowing this group is mandatory for anyone who wants to become a big star. Some of the most popular people in the SL Porn World started out as a Hoobs Hottie.

I did not start as a Hoobs Hottie. But I've always wanted to join this group. If you are an porn actress and you do not know this group, I'm sorry, but if you don't know what Hoobs Hotties is, then you haven't been in the SL Porn world for very long.

This select group has some big names in the porn world: Ali Lancrae, Cream Release, Dokie, Moonie and Partee. I feel honored to have my name among these names. This is a source of great pride to me, because they are people I admire and I am also a fan.

I would like to thank Hoobs to invite me to be in the group in person. Now I will have the golg L on my profile poster. How I feel? Being a Hottie Legend means I'm a hottie for life ... now and forever!

If you are interested in joining or would like some info. 
Please just message  HO O B S™ (hoobdiddy) or Ali Lancrae!

I'll leave the blog link so that you can visit too, just click here.
Thanks so much, HOOBS.

Kisses, friends!
Priscila Balogh

2 comentários:

  1. I AM Very proud of you, Pri!! You're the most famous Brazilian SL pornstar!! You deserve much more. I want to be Very close to you to watch ALL of your conquers!
    Roger faulques.

    1. Thanks so much for the nice words, Roger! I have a plan to introduce more brazilians girls in this world! Kisses


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