quinta-feira, janeiro 18, 2018

Baird meet Aunt Balogh

by Miss Balogh

Hi friends, how are you all?
Today I will not tell any stories, because this story will be told by my friend Melanie Ames in another post. This story will be about a boy whose name is Baird (+18).

Baird is my nephew and he is a boy who has female tendencies and dresses as a woman. First of all, I want you to respect him. And this post speaks of my support for him. Then her aunt took him to the party.

You can see how the party was in the photos below.

Let me just say one thing: WE HAVE SEX LIKE TWO WHORES.

All photos were taken by Melanie Aires. If you like how the storie start, wait for see the end in the next posts!

Priscila Balogh

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