quarta-feira, janeiro 10, 2018

2018 Is Just Beginning!

by Miss Balogh

Hello my friends, whats up?
This post has several reasons. And I would like to share my plans with all of you. Firstly I would like to announce two projects that can be used in Second Life. 

1) I will produce a magazine about the porn world of Second Life (interested in participating as a member of the team or model of this project look for me). 
2) I am studying the possibility, along with the magnificent Quinn Ying, of creating a beach for the magazine and for fun.

Another thing I'd like to share with all of you is that I'm teaming up with the biggest whores in Second Life. This team will be called "Brazilian Squad". More Informations soon.

And finally, I decide to celebrate the end of my quick marriage
My ex-husband had a very small cock and did not satisfy me in bed. So the first thing I did was celebrate with a Big Black Cock.

I would like to say one thing to him: "Hey cuckold, look at the bitch that you lost, motherfucker! Masturbate yourself seeing the pictures because you do not touch me more".

He lubricated my ass with his saliva ...

... then he made me ride it ... "ow yeaah"

and finally fed my ass with her cum
Leave your comment if you want to participate in the projects or to say how my ex-husband is am idiot with a small dick.

The year is just beginning! 
2018 wait for me, I'm coming
Priscila Balogh

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