terça-feira, outubro 31, 2017

The Bull and His Queens

by Priscila Balogh

Hello my friends,

Today I will talk about a laid back guy who likes to have some fun. I admire his work a long time ago. His style is visceral and organic. Almost amateur, but very hot. He describes his work as simplistic since He is always learning new stuff.

His philosophy is little talk and more work. He loves the work he does. And if you work with him, you probably will too! For those who do not know him, his name is Ⓜⓡ.Ⓐⓓⓔⓑⓞⓦⓐⓛⓔ.

You can find him in Second Life by mradebowale and if you want to see more about his work, you can click here.

I visited him for an interview, but the result was ...

... it was extremely delicious!

Priscila Balogh

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