terça-feira, março 15, 2011

Sex Room by Ruff Brocco

Hey delicious friends,

I'm in the new movie of the great Ruff Brocco called Sex Room.

It's another Gang Banda Brothas production.

Sex Room is a Remix Adult Music Video of Ludacris and Trey Songz hit "Sex Room".
A big movie with great actors; all star cast and introducing Teflon Residend in his first Featuring Priscila Balogh, Lola Monroe, Krystall Pearl, Emmanuelle Jameson, Vanhelsing Svobodoa, Emmea Lenroy and Ruff Brocco.

I would like to say few words for this fabalous casting. Krystall, you are a legend of porn industry of SL, I'm a huge fan of your work. Emmanuelle, its a great honror to be in a movie wiht you. Miss you. Lola and Emmea, you are two gorgerous girls, I loved to meet you both. Teflon you are great and you are like Ruff and Vanjelsing: big black cock.

If you want to watch more ... go a head babe!

Cum wiht me.

Big Kiss

Miss Balogh

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  2. So nice to see you in in a Ruff movie again sis!
    A tight hug and a passionate kiss mwah!


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