quinta-feira, março 24, 2011

Night of 1000 Pornstars

Hi babes,
I would like to invite all of you for the great and hot party of the year.

This Friday, we will be having a party for our whole Pornstar group to celebrate our 1000th member.
Here is the official invitation.

It will be across 10 sims. And at all different times.
I will put together all the LMs for everyone just a little later.

Also thanks to the very talented Pixie Rain has made wonderful DONATION TIP JARS. All the money will go 100 percent to Donation Linden on behalf of Red Cross efforts in Japan. Thanks for that Pixie!!!!

So join us for a NIGHT OF 1000 PORNSTARS this Friday. It's going to be a really fun and sexxxy time for a good cause!!!!!!

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  1. Miss Balogh, thank you so...so much for blogging and coming to the event. You helped make NIGHT OF 1000 PORNSTARS great fun but a great sucess too!!! Kisses!!!


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