terça-feira, março 15, 2011

I Feel Myself by Kathrein Henhouse

Hi babes,
Who doens't know Kathrein Henhouse?

I never tired to say that Kathrein is one of the best directors of whole Second Life. She knows how to work wiht a cam in the hand. She is a example for who wants to start in porn industry.

Probably, she is one of Top 10 directors.
Thanks Kathrein to work wiht us.

But lets talk about her new film called "I Feel Myself". This movie is about mastrubation!!!

I'm in this delicious movie with anothers hot girls like: the great and delicious Emanuelle "Jennnnna" Jameson, Chelsea Dollinger, my naughty sister Quinn "Q" Ying, my slutty sister Yvonne Putzo and the director Kathrein Henhouse.
I loved to be in this movie and I hope to be in anothers.
Lets chek!

Thanks Kathrein.
Big Kiss,
Miss Balogh

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