segunda-feira, janeiro 31, 2011

The Expedition by Scooby Mode

Hi friends,
I have a new film, The Expedition by Scooby Mode.

The Expedition
Finally released, The Expedition makes its Debut. For the first time ever, the first secondlife Porn will be made lol. See its funny, because it has been already, but the idea never occurred to anyone that it would be something to work with.
Starring Priscila Balogh, Scooby goes on A expedition like Lewis and Clark to make the first SL porn. This film is an all star cast, to bad Emanuelle couldn't make it, or did not get online =/ *hugs* hope she enjoys watching it as much as I did creating this once in A life time vid.
Pics will be shown, for the video itself you will have to click more and watch it after the Jump! and I will also send A link to the site it is embedded and hosted.
First time trying blip, I said fuck it, ill try it, and it looks good, just gotta watch it full screen!

I hope you like this classic from Scooby.
Miss Balogh

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