domingo, dezembro 19, 2010

Dirty Wolf Brazil: Special Post

Hi friends, how are you?
Despite not having appeared in new works, I am always following what is happening in the world porno from SL. I follow all the delicious and great blogs. Which today are many.

So ... There's a time I have been talking with the owner of production company Dirty Wolf, Mr. Lupus Foden, when he asked me to post on my blog a letter from him.

Hi all,
This post began when I was talking to Priscila Balogh about the porn world in Second Life, and all that shit I have seen around.

It´s funny, because I have seen lot of “movies” about porn in Second Life, but few movies I could say …”Wow…this is awesome, it has quality!!”…and it´s funny too, because day by day I have seen lot of people making movies and telling everybody that they are porn directors, or porn stars, or that they are porn producers and bla bla bla…

In fact what I see is lot of movies without quality that become the industry a joke and in my opinion those called directors should start a huge brickwork to keep them and their movies protected from the “intruders” and keeping those intruders out of our “Valhalla”.

Some movies make me completely confused and lost, because I see copies and copies of these copies and more copies, I mean…sometimes, before I watch a movie I use reading what they have to tell about themselves, and some new “directors” use to say that it´s the first time that a kind of movie has been done…with voices, with lipsync, with shadows, with dances…but damn…lot of those movies I actually know that´s not true, please, don´t deceive us…it´s only another copy…don´t disrespect the old ones, the pioneers, those guys that started the porn industry in the Metaverso.

As I said, actually I watched lot of non quality films, lot of crap nominated “SL Porn Movies” and why there´s no quality?...Nevertheless people thinks that quantity is better than quality and they make any crap and another and another…if you try using a fishing rod, just to get one from that lake of “SL Porn Movies”, you will, hardly, a little golden fish, just it, nothing more…maybe less.

So…an advise to people that wants to be in porn industry in Second Life, stay away from the liars and this kind of production, look for directors that do quality movies, because if you show your ass in non quality movies, you will be remembered like a joke.

Maybe you are asking to yourself…”Who´s that guy writing lot of bullshit?”…well…I´m just a brazilian guy/director that just loves watching quality movies and also making it on my way and I bet lot of those directors called serious will agree with me and support my words, bitter, however it´s just true.

Writing this, I don´t wanna get enemies, I just wanna watch quality movies and that my friends, directors or porn stars require for good movies and good productions.

Lupus Foden

Still not completely moved away from production.
If you want my services, know how to find me.
Miss Balogh

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