segunda-feira, outubro 25, 2010

Top 10's Blog: Sexy and Hot

Hi dears,
I love to work hard for Second Life.
I dedicated many hours in this game for give my best to others.

When I started with my blog I only knew another one from Emanuelle Jameson.
Now you can find several hot blogs.

I listed 10 delicious blogs to visit. I hope you like it.
- Emanuelle Jameson. She is the greatest pornstar in SL
- Hard Rust . Hard is fantastic, he can see naughty things in all.
- Pasquale Foden. One of the best director that I worked.
- Alexus Minotaur. One of the best porn actors.
- Quinn Ying. My sister, amazing person. She is one of the photographer that I know.
- Serenity Kristan. She is cute and naughty. She works is fantastic.
- Rayven Bally. Yes, She is the Fucking Princess.
- Pelon Beaton. He is great. All girls love him. He is a great person and very naughty director.
- Lupus Foden. He is the best brazilian director. He is our brazilian "beutiful mind" porn director.
- Candace Flossberg. Hard Rust's wife, she is a great actress. Come deep inside her.

In true, while I was looking my top 10 list, I conclude that 10 isnt enought to guide you to find hot blogs. You want to find more good stud, you can looking for in the end of the blog.

Miss Balogh

7 comentários:

  1. I guess I'm famous now! Top 10 woo hoo!!

  2. I'm underneath Ema, where I've been trying to get for months! Woot!

  3. And I'm underneath Hard, where I fear I'll have to be soon lol...
    Thank you beloved sis for adding me in such a merry company :) You and Ema have shown a way, now we're the most active community on Second life!
    Kisses and lixxxxxxx, Quinn

  4. Thankyou so much! *kisses* That realy means a lot to me. :) I'm Underneath Ema..and Hard..And Quinn! I just hope i have enough stamina!

  5. Well I'm over Quinn, Serenity and Rayven. That's a fantastic position (I'm having some good ideas for 4somes) hehe.

  6. TY gatinha for including me in your top 10's list:)
    Coming from you, it is a great reward.



  7. Hey babe,
    Thanks for including my website there in your list, I hope to keep it hot, just the way you like it =)

    Lupus Foden


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