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Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Hi friends,
Let me make for all of you one classic question: Do you know Alexus Minotaur?
Alexus is one of more famous porn actor of Second Life.
He has his own blog and several good ideas.

For the next months you will can find several projects with our signature.
Miss Balogh and Alexus Minotaur.

But for now I would like to make a little pause in the hot and sexual content that I use to post, to talk about a serious issue. October is the month of Breast Cancer Awareness. This campaign reach the whole world and all us should be aware about it.

This is a serious problem that for instance in Latin America affects 42 of each 100,000 women. The best way to fight against it, is through prevention and education.

I wanted to contribute with a design related to the campaign. It has the pornstar style, but it focus in a clear message: Breast cancer is a problem that should care women and men for equal. If we as men have the luck to enjoy the lovely company of a beautiful woman, we should care also about her health.

Feel free to share your thoughts about this topic.
Save all breasts.
Miss Balogh

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