quinta-feira, outubro 21, 2010

Ivori faith new photoshoot


My last work at Abrico, it features the beautiful trans-gendered model and porn star Ivori Faith :) After working together at "Brazilian Carousel" film, we lost contact for a few, pursuing our career in porn...
It has been a long session, but along with it I had an enlightening conversation with her and had the opportunity to enjoy her beautiful spirit and intelligence. She entertained me while I was working and we discovered to have a mutual passion for each other...

The 17th of May marked the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO). 

She's still a mistery to me, I'll soon unveil...
See the full photoset after the break

The fact that the photoshoot has been taken on Abrico lighthouse is not a pure coincidence... ^^

One of the greatest full body shots I've ever made...

The Ivori tower in full evidence, but also the rest is awesome :P

Sweet and adorable, I'll make you mine...

I Love you Ivori, Quinn

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  1. Ivori Tower indeed! I need one of those to replace my vibrator at home!!


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