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Fuck Like Bunnies at Abrico


Desira and Joppe Fuck Like Bunnies at Abrico

Desira and Joppe: what happens when you leave two models alone on a rug during a photoshoot. Yesterday I went to Abrico to take some nice portrait of Desira to show in the photo gallery. We met Joppe, and I asked him to model with Desira. After a relog, this is the scene I assisted LOL ...

[10:26] Joppe : sorry Quinn, we got a little carried
[10:26] Quinn Ying: LOL
[10:26] Quinn Ying: I knew that
[10:27] Joppe : not my "fault" this
[10:27] Desira : lol hi quinn couldn't help my self :-P
[10:27] Quinn Ying: It's always like that
[10:27] Quinn Ying laughs
[10:27] Desira : ok back to the pictures , i guess
[10:27] Desira : lol
[10:28] Joppe :
[10:28] Quinn Ying: Well, do as you wish
[10:28] Joppe : good break though :)
[10:28] Quinn Ying: I can take another kind of pics LOL

[10:29] Desira : this is Abricco gigggles
[10:29] Joppe : LOL
[10:29] Quinn Ying: Welcome to Abrico :)
[10:30] Joppe : the home of Bj's :)
[10:30] Joppe : mmm...thankies :)
[10:30] Desira : hmmm give me some of that tongue ahwww
[10:30] Joppe : I love to please Desira :)
[10:31] Joppe : getting a good view Quinn? ;)

[10:32] Quinn Ying: Yes, something good for Desira's profile LOL
[10:32] Joppe :'re soaking my beard sweetie :)
[10:33] Joppe : lol
[10:33] Joppe : would be a good profile pic :p
[10:33] Desira : pulls you head closer and wraps my legs around your head pulling you in deeper

[10:34] Joppe grabs your clit with my lips and sucks harder on it
[10:34] Desira : ahwww hmmmmmm yesssss
[10:36] Joppe : mmmm...thats it baby
[10:36] Desira : moust have it in me rolls us over and mounts Joppe
[10:36] Joppe spanks Desira's ass.
[10:37] Joppe moans loud
[10:38] Joppe :'ve done this before thas for sure :)
[10:38] Joppe : thats [10:38] Desira : bouces up and down taing every inch , squeezing it withmy pussy muscles

[10:38] Joppe spanks Desira's ass.
[10:39] Joppe : mmmm....feels your tight pussy squeeze my cock so good
[10:40] Joppe : do have a great ass Desira
[10:40] Desira : gyrats and moves my hips in circles over and on his cock doing a dance on it while its so deep

[10:41] Joppe slides one hand around your hips in between your legs and starts to rub your clit as you ride me hard
[10:41] Desira : *smiles and juts it out a bit as i pound my self harder on your cock impaling myself on it
[10:41] Joppe spanks Desira's ass.
[10:43] Desira : spins around on it and lower myself on your chest so you c give my breasts some attentionan
[10:43] Joppe grabs your tits with both hands squeezing them gently, pinching your nipples
[10:45] Joppe : good material Quinn?

[10:45] Joppe leans forward and starts to suck hard on your nipples
[10:46] Desira : ahwwww slams my hips down on you hard as the feeling of your mouth on my breasts excites me more
[10:50] Desira : rises my hips and arches them as you ram that delicious cock deeper , my head rolling bak and forth
[10:51] Joppe rubs your clit with my thumb as I pound harder into your pussy
[10:53] Joppe :'re gonna make cum baby
[10:54] Desira : bucks my hips up taking you all , meeting your thrusts as my eyes roll in the back of my head.
[10:54] Desira : feeling my cunt quiving around your cock fixing to climax
[10:55] Joppe : close...wanna taste my cum baby?
[10:55] Desira : yes
[10:56] Desira : ahwwwww
[10:56] Desira : i cumming
[10:56] Joppe : mmmmmmm
[10:56] Joppe : pulls out
[10:56] Desira : alllll over your cock
[10:57] Joppe : yesssssssssss
[10:57] Desira : hmmm
[10:58] Desira : give it to me.

[10:58] Joppe : fuck that was good
[10:58] Quinn Ying: Grat guys!!!!
[10:58] Joppe : hehe....maybe I'll let you take those pics
[10:58] Quinn Ying: Want you appear on Priscila blog?
[10:58] Desira : wish i had a cum skin like some do lol
[10:59] Joppe : hehe...did you turn on the video camera Quinn? ;)
[10:59] Desira : hmmm rubs his cum into my skin ;-)
[10:59] Quinn Ying: No just a photoshoot
[10:59] Desira : lol
[10:59] Joppe : hehe
[10:59] Quinn Ying: But I could puplish on Priscila the photos and your roleplay if you wish :)
[11:00] Quinn Ying: Priscila's blog
[11:00] Joppe : fine by me
[11:00] Desira : did you take any just now while e were >>>>.
[11:00] Joppe : you're one hot girl Desira

[11:00] Quinn Ying: Yes Desira I took every moment :)
[11:00] Joppe : I should move out of the way and let Quinn take the pics :)
[11:01] Desira : *blushes 8 ty your not to bad yourself
[11:01] Joppe smiles
[11:01] Desira : ok i see a spot for my individual nudes i like
[11:01] Joppe : hey, where are you zooming Quinn? ;)
[11:01] Quinn Ying: Such a shame you don't have cum layers Desira, I love licking cum from a girls pussy lol
[11:02] Quinn Ying: :)
[11:02] Joppe : hehe
[11:02] Desira : lol i need to find some
[11:02] Desira : do you know where ?

Bye Bye
Quinn Ying

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