quarta-feira, setembro 08, 2010

Pornstars Party at Hard Alley

Hello my friends,
If you didn't go, you lost the party.

Few days ago Hard Rust offered one great party in Hard Alley. It has been a delicious night. I was there and I had fun so much.

Thanks Hard and Candace, you both were wonderful hosts. It was all perfect: great DJ's, sexy dancers and red carpet pics.

There I found several celebs, like the gorgerous and great Emanuelle Jameson, Kareen Jaggernov, ToryLane Wonder, Faye Nymphea, Quinn Ying, Emeelee Ember, Scooby Mode, Cybercat Bekkers, Carmen Greenfield and much more.

As my friend Emanuelle said "Naturally everyone got naked and started to get naughty. After all, these were pornstars partying at Hard Alley!"

I had much fun,
I hope to go more times.
Miss Balogh

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