quinta-feira, setembro 09, 2010

Naughty Canine Fun by Cybercat Bekkers

What the price to see your sister have fun wiht a doggie?

Im so glad!
My sister Juliana Owatatsumi made her first film. The name is Naughty Canine Fun, directed by Cybercat Bekkers. This movie shows how naughty one of my sister can be.

Im so proud to have you as my sister, Juliana.

Juliana happen to run into the dingo and well from there things got down and dirty Quick.

Au ... Au ... Au.
Miss Balogh

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  1. Woooof!!! I really loved Juliana hottest body depicted in this video, she's one I'm looking forward to make a film! So sorry it has been removed, you have all my support!
    Kisses and lixxxxxxxxxx, Quinn


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