domingo, setembro 05, 2010

Hard Rust X Fuck List 2010

Hi friends,
Hard is the owner and creator of Hard Alley. Hard is my friends and as he describes himself, Hard is a completely rotten, amoral bastard with no redeeming qualities. He'll fuck you, wipe his cock off with your hair, then toss you 20L and kick you out.

Recently he listed the girls he'd most love to fuck.
In his list you will find several hot and gorgerous girls, as he said "some of these girls are ones that I already have fucked, but would not hesitate to fuck again!"

But if you dont see your name on the list, like me, do not be upset. The list of girls he wants to fuck in SL is much longer than 10.
Let´s see his list.

Fuck List 2010
Candace Flossberg
Emanuelle Jameson
Aspen Huntress
Trixianna Saenz
Carmen Greenfield
Jade Steele
Megzi Babii
Yulia Juran
Cipriana Diavolo
Zanara Zenovka

Good Luck Mister Hard, I know that you will not rest until you have fucked each of these women!
Miss Balogh

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