quinta-feira, setembro 09, 2010

The Director: Tyler Rage

Hi Tyler's fans,
Tyler Rage always brings naughties costumes in his movies.
In this time I present all of you three new movies from this porn director.
- New Sentation
- Hotel Dayze
- A Lofty Offer

NEW SENTATION is a delicous movie. Description: The beautiful Emeelee Embers stars in this hot action with a new talent Jewel Heir.

HOTEL DAYZE is another movie wiht the delicious Faye. Description: Faye Nymphea stars in this little flick. Nothing fancy, just a showcase of her lovely form and a continued exploration of the porn craft.

A LOFTY OFFER Description: A woman comes around looking for place to stay and this lofty place is well above her price range. What can she do?

Some delicious movies for you.
Congratulations Tyler,
Miss Balogh

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