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Cheating by Hard Rust

Hi friends
This text was written by Hard Rust from Hard Alley.

Do you cheat on your partner?

Cheating turns me on. I love it when a girl cheats on her partner with me.

I don't cheat. I don't have to. Candace and I have a fully open relationship and we both enjoy sex with other people. I don't have to create a secret alt to sneak around behind her back. Candace knows my other avies and has even fucked one of them (so in a sense, she cheated on me with me).

Most couples in SL do not have an open relationship. Most are monogamous, and that is great if that is what they both want. It is, however, usually unrealistic to expect it to work. Cheating is far to easy and the temptations to cheat are far too great for most couples to stay completely faithful to each other. Typically it is the man who will eventually be caught straying, but I know lots of women that cheat, too. Many of them, or their secret alts, have ended up in my bed. Women are much sneakier and don't get caught as much. Some actually desire to get caught, wishing their partner would catch them in the act for that extra adrenalline rush. Of course, when they do get caught drama unfolds and I just want to tell them both how idiotic they were to expect faithfulness in SL to start with. They should just make up, fuck, and deal with it.

Do you wonder if your girl has ever cheated on you? She probably has. Maybe even with me. IM me sometime and ask. I might even have pics to share with you. Hell, she's probably been fucking me for years. Get over it.

Do you cheat on your partner? No one ever reads my blog, so it's safe to post your answer.

Post a comment below and give me your opinion on cheating. Don't be afraid to slip me your "room key".

Miss Balogh

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