quinta-feira, setembro 09, 2010

Celebrities in Abrico

Hello babes,
Abrico is a brazilian beach where the practice of nudism is released. Abrico gets different people every day, including some celebrities like the Quinn Ying and Scooby Mode.

But besides enjoying beautiful naked body, you can still enjoy a lot there.

Jon Helfer is another celebrity that you will find in Abrico and one little advice for all girls; he have a nice 'tool'.

Krystall Pearl is the queen of porn movies, she brings her gorgerous body to Abrico.

The director Scooby Mode.

If you like the pictures and you would like to have too, you can look for Quinn Ying.
Come to visit Abrico.
Miss Balogh

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  1. Great post Priscilla, thank you for posting my photos, Abrico is by far my favorite location for video and photoshoots, I simply love it!!!
    xoxoxox Quinn


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