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Visiting the New Abrico - Part 2

Hi friends,
Once upon a time the naturist brazilian beach called Abrico. Abrico is a great beach, very quiet, ideal for dating and meet friends. Currently, Abrico is administered for me - Miss Balogh - and recently I received a visit from the delicious Alexus Minotaur for a hot interview.

I already post the first part from the interview, if you want you can check this link: Visiting the New Abrico.

And now I'll post the second part.
Have a sit, please!
And enjoy it!

Jul, 18, 2010.
Alexus said: As I said at the beginning of this interview, it´s hard don´t feel tempted by the naked presence of Priscila. Considerating that i already had a few sexual encounters with her in the past, i decided to check if she was up for some of action at the beach.

She showed interest in sex, as she always says: it´s a healthy activity. So it was time to make some of exercises. Also fuck in the beach it´s something sexy.

So I jumped over her and started to make some of massages in those fantastic boobs. She returned me the favor rubbing my cock with her hand.

What happened after that was a hot and wild session, that only can be explained through the following images.

Its was so good my friends.
In the end of the interview ... We started another one.
Miss Balogh

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