sexta-feira, agosto 13, 2010

Two Hards: Rust and Alley

Do you know Hard Rust or Hard Alley?
Hard Rust is the creator of Hard Alley and the School Girls Gone Bad Detention Facility in Second Life.

After watching the first movie from Hard Rust I was curious to know his place called Hard Alley. I spoke with Hard and he invited me to make a visit in his land.

I loved the place.
I felt a great power on his location.
I was very welcomed by all who were in Hard Alley.

I was invited to stay and join wiht them in a party would begin.

I went wiht them
And I didn't regret it.

Check out some photos

I loved the place.
Congratulations Hard.
I would like do send a big kiss for Candace too, she is great and always make great too. She is pretty, smart ans very naughty as me.
And I cant forgot Tomaz. Hugs dear.

Miss Balogh

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  1. Nice pictures,beatiful girl Priscila Balogh,Sucess.Kiss girl.


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