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Interview wiht Shaun Chernov

Hi babes,
Today I will post an interview that I did with Shaun Chernov. He is the owner of Black Hole Porn productions. I have the plesure to interview him and share wiht all of you.

Hi Shaun, thanks to accept this interview with me. Let´s Start!

1) Tell to us who is Shaun Chernov and what is Black Hole Porn Productions?
Shaun: Well Im Shaun, and im CEO of Black Hole Productions, its a filming company I started up with one goal, which was to bring the very best directors and female/male actors under one group so that it would be like a collation of talent and easy for directors to find a actress or actor to work with in there movies, every one who joins is allowed to work and do as they please in films and all directors keep there company and work under there own label.

2) What is Black Hole Porn Productions projects?
Shaun: As it stands I have 7 Movies in the works, 3 will be music videos and the rest porn, I was going to make all kinds of kink films but I decided I would keep it mainstream for now and maybe in time do that.

3) What we can wait from this producer if until now (Created 29/3/10) we only check one promotional video?
Shaun: Well there is a music video which im working on now, which will star Alyssa Lavecchia and special guest stars, the reason for only one film is i need to feel creative and wanna do the work to make the best films I can, I could easy make 10 films a day if needed but they would be sub-par and rubbish, no point flooding a market with crap when it needs high quality works also alot of the time im building the sets special for the shoot and working in Photoshop for the textures so its a very timely to make and do.

4) You are a smart and handsome guy, how is the behaviour girls near to you?
Shaun: Well im a gentleman to the ladies I know and I respect all that they do, after all Sl is about a form of freedom we cant have in RL and to have fun and enjoy what we do.

5) How many videos you did? Do you already act with a great name of porn world?
Shaun: Well I've acted with most of the best names and also worked with the best, Ruff Brocco been one of the best directors I have the pleasure to work for and alongside, also I have done some photo work with Priscila which was hot , and soon to work often with Alyssa and a few others.

6) Please lets our friends know for Shaun Chernov the best names for:
Shaun: About Movies: Anything really by Lupus and Ruff as they put alot of heart and soul in to it. For me Ruff Brocco is the best director. Male actor: Lex Umaga, always enjoy working with him, really good bloke. Female actor: Hard one and wont say cos your all wonderful. Best places to show the work only one place and thats

7) What you kind of women?
Shaun: I have many types what attract me so there is no real answer to that.

8) One name that you would like to work with:
Shaun: Priscila.

9) What we can wait from you?
Shaun: My new music video, which im hoping shall be out some time next week
Thanks Shaun

I hope that you like.
Miss Balogh

PS: The author of the blog respects the opinions of everyone and do not necessarily agree with it.

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