quinta-feira, agosto 19, 2010

Director Showcase: Aurora Bentham

Aurora Bentham did again. She is a machine of make hot porn movie.
In her movies you will find much sex and naughty girls.

Today I bring two delicious movie from Aurora.
- The Dream

- Ultimate Surrender

Description for The Dream:
Aurora has another one of her funny dreams. This time she finds herself in an elevator with a hot man and having flashbacks of her dreams. Both of them embrace and start getting wild right in the elevator. Another continuation of my hot delectable voice moaning for you all. In this hot movie starring VanHelsing Svoboda and Aurora Bentham.

Ultimate Surrender

Starring Aurora Bentham and Emanuelle Jameson. Watch as these two catfight it out on the mats. One ends up losing and pounding the others pussy into submission with a strapon.

Congratulation Aurora,
Miss Balogh

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