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The Bartender by Tyler Rage

Hi dears,
Second Life looks like America.
Second Life is the land of opportunity.

Here you get all you want, just know how to do!
In this movie, The Bartender by Tyler Rage, Mili Koskinen will teach you what you can do to get a job.

Starring Tyler Rage and gorgerous Mili Koskinen.
The Bartender Description:
See what happened when the fatman was getting ready to throw in the towel for the night.

Tyler classifies his film as an amateur, but he really did a great job with this film. The Bartender is a great movie.

Mili Koskinen is so gorgerous and showed in this movie what we can do for get what we want.
She isn't my twin, but though it could be.

I hope you like as I loved it.
Miss Balogh

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