domingo, julho 18, 2010

Visiting the New Abrico

Hi my friends,
I have a delicious nude beach, it´s called Abrico.

I few days ago I had the plesure to receive a visitor.
It was Alexus Minotaur, the owner and director from Minotaur Productions.

I was his guide in my beach.
He made some questions ... Lets check what this day resulted.

Complete Interview in this link: Minotaur Productions.

Alexus wrote in his blog: Maybe you still don´t know, but the famous nudist beach Abrico (one of my favorite places in SL) moved to a new SIM. I decided to make an official visit and interview the new owner, Priscila Balogh. Yes the same hot brazilian from Pornstar Hunter that everybody loves. So well, I arrived there and found the sexy sign with the image of Pris and Monique (the owner of Slife). You must take care to take off your clothes when you arrive, that´s the rule here.

Once I got naked I started to walk around looking for Priscila and I found her taking a sun bath... Tell me what would you do if you find this hottie like this...

I don´t know about you people, but I would fuck her inmediately. However I´m a professional so the interview is first, and then we will see what we will do to relax. Pris offered herself to be my guide in the new Abrico.

We sat near the bonfire and I started to ask her what everybody wants to know.

Alex: What is Abrico?
Pris: Abrico is a naturist beach founded in 2006 by Monique Blum. The beach was the headquarter of the Vip Magazine, which was responsible to promote a lot of beauty girls in the cover of every edition. The beach has more than 3 years and more than 1000 persons in the group.

Alex: Why Abrico moved?
Pris: We were looking for an own SIM and create an enviroment of friendship and pleasure.

Alex: Why you took the responsibility to be the new owner?
Pris: The original owner is my sister in SL. Also Abrico always was in my SL, since the first days. I can´t imagine SL without Abrico. That´s why i decided to take under my responsibility the future of the naturist beach.

Alex: What can we find here? why we should visit it?
Pris: Abrico it´s a friendly place. The purpose is offer a naturist beach where people can feel comfortable and welcome, to socialize and relax. This is a democratic place after all.

Here you will find good friends, a quiet zone, with a lot of spots to flirt, take the sun and dance.

Alex: What would you like to say to the people who are reading this?
Pris: Come to visit Abrico. I guarantee that you will never forget it.

Alex: Thanks for the interview and the tour
Pris: thanks to you.

This interview was wonderful.
If you want to know what happen after the interview you need to wait for the next post.
Miss Balogh

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