sábado, julho 10, 2010

Roberto Highfield's Retireing

Hi friends,
Today SL Porn World is more sad.

Today we receive the notice that Roberto Highfield is retiring. He is stopping to make his adult videos. He has personal reason to do this and I wish to him all luck of the world. But before we say "good luck" and "good bye" for him, let me show his two latest videos.

Roberto did 64 videos in all his carrer.
And we will enjoy his two last videos Sunnie starring Sunnie Root. In this video no vaginas were penetrated during the making of this movie.

And Robertos Last Stand starring Karen Kondrad in a delicious movie.

Very sexy and sensual.

For finish, Roberto Highfield said "my thanks to all the beautiful women I have made movies with and special thanks to Jennnnn/Emanuelle who got me started and has been supportive and sexy throughout".

Roberto, I will wait your movie wiht me and your movie number 100.
Miss Balogh

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