sexta-feira, julho 23, 2010

Photostream: Zina Zunimoor

Hi my friends,
Today I was talking wiht my great friend Shaun Chernov.

Shaun Chernov: Want some matreial for yoru blog?
Shaun Chernov: Pris?
Priscila Balogh: yes dear, I would like to see.
Priscila Balogh: What do you have?
Shaun Chernov: Zina Zunimoor's flickr

Then I went to her page and for my luck I was looking for a delicious and hot photostream.

Who is Zina Zunimoor?
She is young black girl. Very happy and friendly, who loving to be FREE. She is very sexy, naughty and funny. She can be bad or innocent ... sometimes Sub. She is honnest, curious and very dirty. She is not perfect, but sometimes sad, ambitious, lazy, philanthropist, addicted and Toxic.

Let´s check her art!

[13:06] Shaun Chernov: Take a look!
Three minutes later ...
[13:09] Shaun Chernov: What you think?
[13:09] Priscila Balogh: OMG, it's really cool!

Thanks Mr. Shaun Chernov, I loved.
Kisses my friends, I hope you enjoy this pictures as me.
Miss Balogh

PS: A litlle more!

Bye Bye
Miss Balogh

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