domingo, julho 25, 2010

Getting Screwed by the Mechanic

Getting screwed by the mechanic is the new movie from KH Avatar Adult Movie Production.
Directed by Kathrein Henhouse.
Starring Yvonne Putzo and Copernico Ferraris.

In this movie all the Kathrein Henhouse's talent to show what happen if you dont have the money to pay the bill. In getting screwed by the mechanic, my SL sister, the gorgerous Yvonne Putzo shows what she can do with her hot body. When she gets her car to the garage and Copernico Ferraris asks for payment.

I´m so proud to see one of my sisters in action and in this film, Yvi shows how nasty and dirty she can do.

I hope you like as me.
Now, let´s check the movie.

Congratulations Kathrein,
Miss Balogh

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