sexta-feira, julho 16, 2010

A Beutiful Stranger

Hi babes,
A Beutiful Strager is the new movie from the great Emmanuelle Jameson (Jennnnna Jameson).

This is the film of a real Second Life dare.

Sexy, young Emmanuelle has to go to a club and seduce the hottest guy in the club, to have sex with her and let her film it. There she meets THE BEAUTIFUL STRANGER. They go up to the roof together, where she happily completes the dare...and then some.

Co-written by Madame Aprille Shepherd and directed by Second Life's most famous pornstar, Jennnnna Jameson, this is my longest film yet at almost 10 minutes. It includes a mix of photography and sexy live action, music by Madonna and a very real audio track that will make you hot just hearing it.

It's very sexy, naughty, beautiful non-stop fun, that really happened.

Here is its WORLD PREMEIRE!!! Just click the triangle to play.

This is a fantastic video.
Emmanuelle, I'm your fan.
Miss Balogh

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