quarta-feira, junho 16, 2010

Lupus Goes to France

Hi dears,
After he went to Romania, Germany, India, Canada and Spain, Lupus goes to france to meet the hot KathrynAnn Kobaleinen.

This is the last episode of the first season and like this is the last, Lupus got a good surprise. Different than the others of the series, in this episode you will watch a hard 3some.

In this "Lupus Goes to France", starring KathrynAnn Kobaleinen and - in this special episode - the naughty brazilian, Priscila Balogh.

Everything begins around a kinky lesbian scene, hot, very hot!
Enjoy this video and like always.
Come cum with us!

This film is so hot.
I hope that you cum like me.
Miss Balogh

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