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Interview to Juliana Owatatsumi

Juliana Owatatsumi is a sexy funk brazilian girl interested to join the SL porn world.

Uusually when a girl (or guy) wants to develop a career in sl porn, first they try to participate in the movie of famous director. If the product is good, other directors will want to work with the new girl. If she's hot enough, more and more people will want her working for them.

In the case of Juliana is different. She decided to take her first step in the porn world with something different, some that nobody tried it before. She defied all the men of SL in a huge challenge: she will try to fuck 300 men in 1 week...and she will take a register about that. This will happen from june 14th to june 20th.

I called her for an interview and get more information about her challenge, so this is what we talked while we were still dressed, haha.

Alex: I would like to know how you got interested to join the porn world of SL.
Juliana: I always was interested in the erotic and porn world, but i didnt had any contact. But one day i met Priscila Balogh, she became almost my sister in SL, because we have a lot in common. She encouraged me to participate more and she introduced me with different actors and directors.

As i previously liked all this, was easy to take the first opportunity to make a film, and now i want to make my own magazine.

Alex: But you already worked with some director?
Juliana: I did a few scenes with Lupus for my promotional video about the challenge...also we are planning to make a movie about the funk brazilian world.

Alex: Yes i saw that, it's a big challenge right? 300 men in 1 week is very difficult to achieve, how are you planning to do?
Juliana: I know that it's not easy, but it's an interesting challenge. It will have some rules to make it easier, like limited time per man and it will count any type of sexual contact, e.g: vaginal, anal, oral. Also i can do it with 3 men at the same time.

Alex: Yeah, in that way you will do it faster haha
Juliana: yes :-P

Alex: So what can you say to the guys who want to participate? what they can expect from you?
Juliana: All will be registered, the name of people participating (married men will have hidden name if they wish), pics and maybe videos. I wish that all us can have a lot of fun, and if it's up to me, there will be a lot of pleasure. I will do my best to satisfy everyone.

Alex: And where this will happen?
Juliana: I'm planning to do it in Pacha Ibiza Club...which it's related to Playboy Brazil. There will be a specific place in the club. I will be there waiting for the people.

Alex: I guess that you will have a security staff to avoid chaos there.
Juliana: Yes, i'll do. We will try to keep the order and my personal security.

Alex: Yeah that's good, just imagine 300 horny guys trying to fucking you at the same time.
Juliana: hahaha, yeah that will be crazy.

Alex: Nice. now let's talk about something different. Are you a funk girl right?
Juliana: yes, i love Rio's funk it's sexy, exciting...i would love to make my own group of funk girls...

Alex: So that's why you are sexy
Juliana: I'm brazilian...i guess that it's in our blood be sexy.

Alex: That's true, i know it by experience, brazilian girls are really sexy. And now that you will join porn world you'll have the chance to show you to the world how sexy and gorgeous are you.
Juliana: Yes, i have a lot to show and i want to have all the opportunities to do it. I still dont know my own limits, i can satisfy every erotic wish from men, i feel a great pleasure doing that. I love feeling me desired by my man.

Alex: Would you like to show us, what the 300 men will have with you during the challenge?
Juliana: Of course ;-)

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