sexta-feira, junho 18, 2010

The Don by Scooby Mode

Hello friends,
The Don is the newst movie from Scooby Productions.

In this film, Scooby shows all his power as director.
He made a great and delicious movie.

Starring the great Krystall Pearl and Kallie Carnell. The opening scenes start off with Krystall who is the dons lady, having an affair with the dons right hand man! things get passionate between the two, and the affair has been going on for quiet some time, swearing that no one knew and that it has been kept secret. after the passionate love session, the right hand mans lady kallie enters the room with a gun. you can guess what happens next the screen goes black and boom. the right hand mans women knew, and decided to finally end what has been going on. the day after you see kallie at the restaurant with the don. after having a little chat, the don says meet me at my place, and later that night she comes over and things get passionate between the two as they have also been having an affair.

I hope one day can be part of his projects.
Miss Balogh

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