sábado, junho 05, 2010

Aurora Bentham's Movies

Hi friends, do you already know Aurora Bentham?

Aurora is one more great name in porn SL world.
She is fantastic and she alwys put great fantasies in her movies.

Im fan of her work and in this post I will share wiht all of you 03 movies.
- Barbie Likes It Black
- Closer
- Black Panther Dance Party

The Barbie Likes It Black , she puts hot elements in the movie. A explosion combination between a white naughty girl and a delicious black guy, Shaun Chernov.

When I saw this film I touhgt "I would like to be her in this scene".

In Closer, she shoot with my friend VanHelsing in another delicious movie.

And for the end a promotion film from Black Panther Dance Party. Black Panther is a wonderful place for all blondie girls. In true is a place for all girls.

Thanks Aurora Bentham.
Miss Balogh

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  1. Thank you so much Priscila for the nice words. I look forward to putting out more videos in the upcoming future


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