quarta-feira, maio 26, 2010

We need Jennnnna Jameson

Hi friends,
I had 5 days without Second Life, but I am reading all notices by several blogs.

I saw one thing that make me sad.

I would like to put my head to sell than to see my friend in SLimbol.
Jennnnna Jameson always did a great job.
She is the main name of porn SL world.

Jennnnna has two blockbuster. One of them has 6.770 views (The Yacht Club).
Do you know what means this?
Let me try to explain, I work very, very, very hard. I lost boyfriends and friends because I give much attention in my blog and my best movie has 3181 views.

Jennnnna isnt only numbers, she uses that name with honor and represents very well the symbol of the SL Porn World.

I, Priscila Balogh (Miss Balogh), give all support to my friend Jennnnna Jameson.

Jennnnna asked to notice all:
'The group name is official. My old group is now called ***The Pornstars***. Thanks to all of you who came out on my last day.'

Many hugs and kisses.
Miss Balogh ,

2 comentários:

  1. You are such a good friend Priscila. I will be back!! Just under a different name, sweetie.

    So far I have submitted 10 different names to SL. They have not accepted even one. :(

    But we will get it straightened out. And i will be back with a "nombre nueva."

  2. Oh, I have the answer for your question Miss Balogh. Is very easy, 'The Yatch Club' video got so many views because people search for the real Jenna Jameson, and appears the Jennnnna Jameson's stuff. So Jennnnna Jameson is taking advantage of Jenna Jameson's name and fame.


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