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Thanks, Mr Shaun Chernov

Hi friends,
I will share wiht all of you the conversation between Shaun Chernov and Naughty Machinima.
If you dont know what happened,well the owner of naughty machima introduced a paid version of the page and no consulting with his users.

Mr. Shaun Chernov (owner of Black Hole Productions) just tried to communicate with him to the paid version does not introduce, becouse we not pay 50$ for month/year (I good not remeber) and now we not must pay for "free account".

Thanks Mr. Shaun for this.

Let´s check his converstation.

Muze to me

Show details 8:05 PM (2 hours ago)

I do have advertising on the site. My monthly costs are $300-400 for the bandwidth and space so people can watch and upload videos. I am losing money every month. I can't afford not to charge for membership at this point. At any rate, I'm working out a system that everyone can be happy with. There is still going to be a free option just with limitations. If you could explain how you are unable to access the site, I can try to fix the issue causing it.

Shaun´s reply.

Hi Muze, when i log in, all i get is a payment set of options and no matter what i do it wont let me get past that bit unless i pay so i gave up.

I also understand the cost and issues of running a server and also the bandwidth costs. i as i work for a ISP/GSP and we charge our clients. what you have done we are all thankful for and we have always enjoyed your wonderful site, the real issue for me and the others is simple. iv spent 4 days making a set in SL, 1 day making textures which has already cost me 8 dollars plus outfits for my self which is a extra 15 Dollars then the editing and special effects will take a good 10 hours of my time to then upload which is 30/40mins and i do all this for free and the love of SL and the porn industries in side the game and we make 0 cash from it.
so to now pay to be able to upload to your cool site is a kick and now has most worried that all SL porn will come to a end, my self likes your website and sad that now we have to look for other places to host

I am thankful for all the time and effort and cost you have done and the services you ask. and i look forward to what changes you make in the possible future,

Please keep me up-to-date on things it be interesting how this should pan out in the long run

Kind regards


Muze´s reply.
Right now I've reverted the site back to free because the payment system integrated into the site's software is a complete mess. Let me know that you're able to log in without problems now. I will have to implement a payment structure in the very near future however. There will be a free option that is limited bandwidth per month, so you will still be able to upload videos.

But there's no financially responsible way I can keep the site online 100% free. I'll be lucky to break even when I desire to make a profit. This is how I make a living, and my other sites are keeping this one going for now.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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