domingo, maio 16, 2010

Hot Zexpro Party

Hi babes,
Do you already go to any Zexpro Party?
- No?
- Oh my God! You dont know what you are lost.

Let me tell to all of you how is this Zexpro Party.
I was working in my blog when my friend Jennnnna Jameson called me.
She invited me to go and know her party.

The place is good and the atmosphere is great.
Jennnnna is a great person and an excelent actrees.

The place was with several friends as Roberto Highfield, Sammie Portal, Herim Cygnet.

I need to tell too that in the party was the great and gorgerous Natalie Shuffle, annalove Cooperstone and much more friends.

When I arrived the air condiction was broken and the place was very, very hot.
What happen?
We needed to took off all clothes.

How end the party?
Smiles ... I will let you imagine.

Come to have fun with Jennnnna and her friends.
Miss Balogh

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