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Alexus Minotaur on The Couch

Hi friends,
Today I will share wiht all of you one interview with the Minotaur Productions's owner: Alexus Minotaur.
Alexus decided to be a director, because he enjoys the process of creation. He likes to see how you can get an idea and turn it into something real.

He is a great latin boy who started the series Pornstar Hunter.
Let´s talk more:

1)Alexus, what is Minotaur Productions?
Minotaur Productions was a project that I had in mind since a lot of time ago. I had to delay it because first I as looking for the right moment to do it, and then I was so busy in RL. But finally I found my time to dedicate to this nice adventure.

2) Pornstar Hunter is a sucess, about your projects, what you can say to us?
I want to produce creative and entertaining products. Innovation and creativity is something that I appreaciate a lot. That's why I see to Minotaur Productions like a place to experiment. This is not a factory of daily videos. I prefer to take my time and launch interesting videos. I also want to experiment with photoshoots but that will be later.

3) What do you have in mind, Alexus?
Actually I'm planning to continue with the episodes of Pornstar Hunter but always giving to every episode a different point of view, some different way to tell a story. I don't want to show the classic porn, like girl naked fucking bad ass guy. I want that people experiment surprise, expectative, laugh, fear, etc.

4) Alexus, you already work wiht great names as Jennnnna Jameson, Natalie Shuffle, Layla Viper and me - Miss Balogh. With whom you would like to work?
Actually I didn't worked with Deelite Zenovka, but I would like to. She produces nice videos and it's hot as hell. It would be nice to work together.

5) Alexus, please tell to my friends what you like in a woman?
I love passionate, smart and creative women who enjoy the sex as much as I do. Of course a hot body (big boobs, round ass) is a lot appreciated and almost a MUST.

But in this world is not so hard to get a Sport Illustrated Model's body, you just need lindens. But the inner qualities is something that you can't buy, and that define a difference between a slutty girl and TOP Pornstar.

6) Last quetion dear, what your favorite position?
Any where I can ensure a deep penetration, especially that one where you can have the legs of the girl over your shoulders.

Wow ... He is a hot guy and excellent person.
Thanks Alexus Minotaur.
Miss Balogh

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