terça-feira, abril 06, 2010

Lupus Goes to France

Hi friends this is my new movie from Dirty Wolf Brazilian Porn Productions.
One more work wiht Mr. Lupus Foden.

Now he is in the France, he went to visit my close friend KathrynAnn Kobaleinen.

Lupus goes to Frande is the last episode of this season and like this is the last. Lupus got a good surprise. Different than the others, in this episode you will watch a hard 3some. In This Lupus Goes to France starring the hot KathrynAnn Kobaleinen and the naughty brazilian, Priscila Balogh.

Enjoy this video and come cum with us!
"See you and wait for the next season, hotter than this first". We are already wating dear.

Cum wiht me.
Miss Balogh

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