quarta-feira, abril 28, 2010

I Have an Expensive Taste

Hi friends, everything okay?
Do you know Paris Pink?

If you dont know her ... dont worry ... because I dont know her too.
But this doesn´t hindered to write about her.
Today I will talk about Paris Pink.
Because I have one great purpose: She has style.

She is very sexy and beuty girl.
You can think "she is gorgerous" ... Yes you´re right, she is this too and more!

She has naughty style fashion ...

Maybe you can think: "she is an angel" and in fact she is a angel ...

You can see in her face that she is a pet girl ...

She has a partner and she is a ex-pornstar.
If you like her you can check more about her in her flikr: Paris Pink.

Congratulations Paris for your style.

Miss Balogh

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