segunda-feira, abril 12, 2010


Hi my friends,
We have a new name in the Porn SL World: Shaun Chernov.
He started wiht actor in Pas Foden XXX Porn Productions and now he has his own business.
Shaun Chernov recently started BLACK HOLE PRODUCTIONS. He has his own group in SL by the same name.

In his first promo film, he launched with a great casting.
- Alexis Pink;
- Allie Keyes;
- Alliegirl Moonites;
- Deelite Zenovka;
- Harlee Fallen;
- Julee Twine;
- KathrynAnn Kobaleinen;
- Lady Dawson and
- Paris Pink.

In his promo film Shaun showed that he come to stay wiht us. The angles and music are great and so is the editing.
Shaun, have a good luck!

Miss Balogh

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