quinta-feira, abril 29, 2010


Hi my friends,
I didn't know what to write today until I start to thinking about the good things in our life. Life is one of the beutiful things of this world.

And what do we about our lifes?
I spent my time working and have sex.

In my list of beutiful things to do is: sex and make new friends.

But there are another things beutifuls too.
Like the new movie from the Best Pornactress of the Second life.
The great Jennnnna Jameson.

THE BEUTIFUL ONES: Starring Jennnnna Jameson, Ainsley Wirefly, Ryce Hightower and Licoranz, the most beautiful men theyve ever seen.
What follows is one of the sexiest Second Life films of 2010.

Miss Balogh

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