quinta-feira, março 11, 2010

Roberto Highfield's Videos

Hi Friends,
Today I will show one of my favourites videos from Roberto Highfield, Tits on the Radio, and another movie from him too, it´s Blonde Bombshell.

First, let´s talk about Tits on the Radio.
I would like to say thanks for Roberto because he dedicated for me this video in Naughy Machinima. Tits on the Radio is much than a video, it´s a great idea wiht a great song.
I not tire to watching this funny video.
Roberto congratulations.
It´s great!

Blonde Bombshell - This video shows how much a blonde girl can be fatalle. Starring Carlie Aquila in her first video.
Thanks Roberto to introduce a new face.

Thanks Roberto to open your archive.
Miss Balogh

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