terça-feira, março 16, 2010

Monster Under The Bed

Hi friends,
Flame Broek is a great name of Ponr SL World.
She is the mind behid "The Inferno" Page (http://flamebroek.socialparody.com)

For those that dont know yet the Inferno is a Naughty Second Life community where you can post pics, vids, and stories of your hottest SL fun as well as blog, comment and see what your SL friends are up to behind closed doors..or not so closed!

In this page you can find Taken by Tentacles. It´s a group for everyone who enjoys being restrained and used by wriggling tentacle monsters, those who are tentacle monsters, and those who like to watch tentacle monsters work.

You can find in this page Beast Lovers. One group for all you hot SLers out there who are a beast or that love the feel of a beast ... mythical ... powerful ... in control

I never had sex wiht a beast before, but I'm very curious about it.
Now I will show you about what happen when you go to sleep and don't look what have under the bed.

Monster Under the Bed is a Flame´s video. She turns on the camera and goes to sleep. When Flame gets home to relax she finds herself with an eager partner slithering from the floor in the basement..grabbing her..wrapping around her body..and giving her the fucking she so badly needs...

Monsters ....
Miss Balogh

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