quinta-feira, março 11, 2010

Jennnnna Loves to Fuck

Hi dears and Jennnnna´s fans!
I would like to say something about Jennnnna Jameson.
She is one of my close friends and I like her so much.
Jennnnna is like me, she loves to fuck.
In few days ago I got the title "Slut of the Year", but I can share this title easy wiht some friends and Jennnnna is one of this friends.
Because I know how long she dedicates her time in porn world.
She is a great pornstar and she has a right to be a "Slut of All Years" too.
Jennnnna, my dear, I love you and your work.

But ... now ... here is a new series of photos by SL erotic artist, Forrest Lannock wiht Jennnnna Jameson.
I really love his artwork.
Thanks for the wonderful art Forrest!
If you want to see more his artwork, you can go: Forrest's Fun.

Miss Balogh

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