quarta-feira, março 03, 2010

Gods´ Desire

Hi friends,
I would like to offer this video for the Gods.

Im very happy!
This is my first video wiht Dirty Wolf Brazilian Porn Producions.
It´s called Gods´ Desire.
This film is very, very hot!

In this video, you will find two hottest braszilians pornstars, Aisha Gregan and me - Miss Balogh.
Have fun on a hot lesbian scene.
Finishing with Lupus Foden on damn hard 3some.

Gods Desire is about two Gods, where Aisha and Lupus are Isis and Ra (Egyptian Gods) and Priscila Balogh is them devoted fuck slave.

When I asked for Lupus about this movie, he asked "it was amazing making this film".

Enjoy it and come cum with us and with me twice!

Miss Balogh

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