domingo, fevereiro 21, 2010

Time to Have Fun 3

"Olá amigos" (is the same like to say "helo friends" in my native language)
As I said one day, 'have fun is very important to our health'.
I selected again some pics of my friends in this delicious time.

Andreius Coba - 'And' is a old friend. You can call him of 'Dre', but no matter how you call him, this guy has a big heart. He is pornstar and his last movie you can check in my blog his - It´s called A Bitch 2 Bucks and a Cuck - He is a black delicious bull.

Alexus Minotaur and Laila Viper are two horny latins. Alexus is always hunting for new victims and Laila is are delicious pornstar and Viper Productions' Owner. I will show what happen when Alexus and Laila are together.

Miss Balogh

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