domingo, fevereiro 21, 2010

Lupus Goes to Romania

Hello dears!
Everything all right? I hope so.
Let´s go to Romania look for Dracula? If you wont go, dont worry!
Lupus Foden went to the Romania and didnt find the Dracula, but he found Geani Cham.
She isnt Dracula Daugther, but she knows how to use her mouth well.

Lupus goes to ... is the new series from Foden Productions. In this series he´ll travel around world, meeting and having fun with hot girls from many different countries.
Each episode he´ll introduce you lot of hot girls.

The first place that he visited was Romania.

Lupus said "In this first episode I went to Romania to meet the naughty and sexy Geani Cham. In the beginning the idea was to make brazilian hot productions, but when I had this idea I got my passport and began search for hot naughty girls from different corners of the world. I hope you enjoy this new series and of course, come cum with us".

Have a nice trip!
Miss Balogh

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