quinta-feira, janeiro 21, 2010

Unbelievable Boobs

Hi dear,
Mister Pasquale don't stop wiht his work and he discovered one more pornstar.

Today he did one more audition wiht Estelle Hienke.
As we can see, she is a woman wiht breast.
Huge breast.

Mister Pasquale wrote "[...] She show up at my place dressed up for the occasion and showing off a pair of unbelievable boobs. Needless to say I had to test them and I was pleased to let her join my group of Pornstars.[...]"

I have to confess, I thought I had big breasts, but now I know what it's big breast.
So welcome aboard Estelle!
We all can not wait to see those puppies getting fucked on video.
Probably, in soon we'll watch this naughty huge tits in action.
Miss Balogh

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