segunda-feira, janeiro 18, 2010

Thanks, Mr Pasquale

Hi friends,
I would like to say thanks to Pasquale Foden.
He posted in his blog some beutiful words about me.
If you want to chek his post and his blog just go:

But now its my time to confess something too.
I also like him a lot. I think that he is one of the best directors of the porn machinima in SL.
His movies are all hotties and delicious.
All the girls dream to film wiht him, or go to his bed, or better, go to his delicious couch.
I already tasted and I have to confess; its the best couch that I sit... mmmm ... It's so delicious.

Until now I only shoot one movie wiht him. One of my best movies. But in soon you, my friends, will can check more movies wiht us. Because we are working together on some new ideas and hopefully by this month you all will be able to enjoy me in more nasty and dirty porn videos.
Miss Balogh

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