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Spunked Magazine

Hi Friends,
Do you know Jared Bury?

He is editor and owner of the Spunked Magazine.

Spunked Magazine is one the best magazine from whole Second Life.

I really love this magazine.

Besides being well made, the magazine is filled with fantastic pictures, great interviews and high quality porn.

Jared always tries to give his best and he does!

Until now, this delicious magazine has 3 issues.
Spunked #1: Halie Slade
Spunked #2: Cheryl Kiranov
Spunked #3: Amaryllis Ember

I leave one question in the air: Who will be the Spunked #4?

Interested in being a model for issue #4?

Spunked Magazine is currently auditioning girls for its next issue, number 4.
- Hot appearence
- Sleep around a lot

- Own a facial cum layer
- Spend a good amount of time online
- Not having many limits

Spunked Magazine is currently looking for collaborators in the following areas:

Photograph and photo manipulation:
Talented photographers that can take pictures of the girls and work with them on Photoshop for instance. Show me some samples of your work.

Open to suggestions on possible articles regarding SL sex and related themes, since current issues are lacking in written content.

Good looking dominant male avatars who can emote and roleplay to look for models and audition them.

People to spread the word about the magazine and find sims willing to have a Spunked Magazine stand displayed.

Thanks in advance to all volunteers.

Inside the last issue I find this sexy brazilian girl and ...

... my friend Alyssa Lavecchia, she is hot and naughty.

Spunked Magazine
Message me for a copy or grab one at one of the following places:

- Bukkake Bliss
- Dirty Sex Street
- Suck Slaves Hall
- Dark Alley
- SDI Orgy Room and XXX Theater
- The Refinery
- Bangz in the HOOD

Miss Balogh

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